Pesch Pub. Summary Cover Image

Treatment of Fracture-Related Infection of the Lower Extremity

21st February 2023

White wound drainage advice brochure

22nd December 2022
Silo Technique Summary Cover Image

Drampalos et. al – Single-Stage Treatment of Diabetic Calcaneal Osteomyelitis: The Silo Technique 

7th June 2022

M. Tiruveedhula, MD, FRCS (T&O) Diabetic Midfoot Osteomyelitis

17th May 2022

Dr. Spranger Fracture Related Infection and Delayed Union in a Distal Tibia

17th May 2022

CERAMENT G Key Clinical Data Overview

14th October 2020
Stravinskas et al.

Pharmacokinetics of gentamicin eluted from a regenerating bone graft substitute

25th September 2020
McNally 100 Patient Paper

Single-stage treatment of chronic osteomyelitis with a new absorbable, gentamicin-loaded, calcium sulphate/hydroxyapatite biocomposite: A prospective series of 100 cases

25th September 2020

Ceramic biocomposites as biodegradable antibiotic carriers in the treatment of bone infections 

25th September 2020

Early clinical and radiological experience with a ceramic bone graft substitute in the treatment of benign and borderline bone lesions

25th September 2020