CERAMENT V is an injectable synthetic bone void filler consisting of 40% hydroxyapatite, 60% calcium sulfate and the antibiotic vancomycin hydrochloride.

The unique ratio of hydroxyapatite and calcium sulfate is designed to enable CERAMENT to resorb at the same rate that bone forms. Calcium sulfate acts as a resorbable carrier for hydroxyapatite, and hydroxyapatite is highly osteoconductive, promoting bone ingrowth.

The addition of vancomycin protects against colonization by vancomycin-sensitive microorganisms.

The characteristics of CERAMENT V mean that surgeons can manage bone defects in a more patient-friendly single-stage procedure. Moving to a single-stage from a multi-stage surgical protocol also frees healthcare resources to meet other needs, paving the way for a more cost-effective strategy for hospitals.