BONESUPPORT’s clinical development program focuses on further developing CERAMENT’s properties, broadening clinical application areas and utilizing CERAMENT’s unique drug-releasing properties through the development of combination products that promote bone healing.

Several different combinations with CERAMENT have been investigated to add osteoinductive properties, meaning the ability to actively stimulate bone healing. Among other things, the Company has conducted research in the form of preclinical candidates that have combined CERAMENT with bisphosphonates, bone morphogenic proteins (BMP), bone marrow aspirate (BMA) and demineralized bone matrix (DBM). Prioritized product candidates for own development are CERAMENT with bisphosphonate and CERAMENT with DBM, while CERAMENT with BMP is a candidate for potential partner development.

Bisphosphonate is a well-established substance in the treatment of osteoporosis and is used to limit the activity of osteoclasts, resulting in improved bone remodeling and bone density. Demineralized bone matrix (DBM) is based on allograft reduced on minerals. The material has been shown to have a wide use in conditions and situations where there is weak natural bone remodeling.