Chronic osteomyelitis

When you need to manage post-debridement bony dead space, CERAMENT G and CERAMENT V offer a user and patient-friendly efficacious solution.

Both products promote and protect bone healing, by remodeling into bone and eluting antibiotic at high concentrations locally to protect the bone healing process; allowing you to carry out a single-stage surgery involving debridement, reconstruction and definitive closure.

CERAMENT G has proven outcomes in chronic osteomyelitis with a 94% infection eradication rate reported in a cohort of 100 patients followed for an average of 6.05 years (McNally et al. 2022). Please have a look at our materials below on how to use antibiotic-eluting CERAMENT for best outcomes, example cases and clinical results.

CG in the management of fracture-related infection and chronic osteomyelitis: Results from Oxford
The Oxford protocol for managing infected segmental defects
Sampling using the Oxford specimen set
Debridement - How to tell the difference between necrotic and healthy bone
Preparing the bone defect for CERAMENT
Tips and tricks when filling a bone defect with CERAMENT G

Other Indications