CERAMENT® contributes to fewer amputations – new data from Australia

Published: 2024-06-10

BONESUPPORT AB, a leading company in orthobiologics for the management of bone injuries, today announces strong results in an Australian study on the treatment of bone infection due to diabetic foot ulcers. The study results show an amputation rate of 2 percent when using CERAMENT® G or CERAMENT® V, which is significantly lower than the control group at 18 percent who received standard treatment. The results are in line with previously published studies from Europe.

"The study is a milestone as it is the first to publish efficacy data regarding the use of antibiotic eluting CERAMENT in Australia. The significantly lower amputation rate is in line with previous studies and is an important argument as we work for increased uptake in the Australian market," said Emil Billbäck, CEO of BONESUPPORT™.

The study results show that the use of CERAMENT G or CERAMENT V not only significantly reduces the risk of amputation and surgical interventions but also promotes effective healing and shorter hospital stays compared to the control group receiving conventional treatment. The number of hospital days was 12.6 compared to 25.1 for the control group.

Today, approximately 540 million people worldwide live with diabetes, a number expected to increase to 640 million by 2030. Annually, about 1.6 million amputations are performed due to diabetic foot ulcers.

CERAMENT G is market approved in Australia, and CERAMENT V has been prescribed per patient.