CERAMENT®|BONE VOID FILLER helps in the management of foot and ankle cases;

Remodels into bone within 6 -12 months





Foot and ankle bone defects that are the result of trauma, tumors and deformity-correction surgery all require management, and are particularly challenging in patients with decreased bone quality or poor vascular perfusion, which make defect healing and metalwork fixation more difficult.

CERAMENT®|BONE VOID FILLER remodels into host bone within 6-12 months, reducing the risk of re-fracture and improving long-term fixation.

In foot and ankle defects access can be difficult, and bone voids may be underestimated on imaging, so CERAMENT®|BONE VOID FILLER offers injectability through a 16G needle, flowability and radiopacity, making it ideal for either open or percutaneous surgery and offering complete void filling.


CERAMENT®|BONE VOID FILLER Bone healing technical monograph - PR 0278-01 EN

CERAMENT®|BONE VOID FILLER Instructions for Use – IFU 0004-08

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