CERAMENT BONE VOID FILLER is used to fill gaps and voids in bone, for example those caused by trauma and benign bone tumors. It is the only injectable and moldable synthetic bone substitute that remodels to host bone within 6-12 months, and is radiopaque, making it ideal for minimally invasive surgery and open procedures. CERAMENT can be used to augment hardware during surgery, and the unique material combination resists crack formation and propagation when drilled.

The randomized controlled trial CERTiFy “Autologous Iliac Bone Graft Compared with Biphasic Hydroxyapatite and Calcium Sulfate Cement for the Treatment of Bone Defects in Tibial Plateau Fractures“ is published by Hofman et al in Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (American). The study confirms that patient reported outcomes and bone remodeling for CERAMENT BONE VOID FILLER are as good as autograft, but with less post-operative pain and blood loss.

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