Optional Delivery Devices

Delivery Cannulas

Drillable cannula provides complete command over placement while an ergonomic T-handle allows for easy control. Universal luer lock connector ensures easy fit for any size delivery syringe and the radiocontrast agent in CERAMENT BONE VOID FILLER provides good visibility for more precise graft placement.

Cervos Cannulas
Drillable cannulas with streamlined design and attachable T-handle allows for more versatile delivery options.

Bone Marrow Harvest Needle
Promote bone healing in cell-based orthopedic procedures. The double-diamond tip and side holes allow for efficient aspiration. An ergonomic twist-lock handle provides clinician comfort while the luer lock connector ensures a secure syringe attachment.

Bead Tray
Designed for targeted delivery of CERAMENT to osseous defects and for dead space management.

  Bead Size   Number of beads  
  3mm    72 beads
  4.7mm   60 beads
  6mm   30 beads


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  Optional Delivery Devices   Code  
  Delivery Cannula – 11Ga x 120mm, closed tip, side port delivery  74389-01M
  Delivery Cannula – 15Ga x 60mm, open tip, end port delivery  74388-01M
  CERVOS Access/Delivery – 8Ga x 250mm  CER-SUB-825
  CERVOS Access/Delivery – 11Ga x 110mm, open tip  CER-SUB-1111-OT
  Bone Marrow Harvest Needle, 11Ga x 4 inches  A0534-01
  CERAMENT Bead Tray  A0513