Sustainability is an essential aspect of everything we do. Our aim is to engage all our leaders and employees in our journey to embed environmental, social, and governance considerations into our daily operations. To achieve this, we have a clear vision and strategy that includes collaborative work in global, cross-functional teams, with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

SUSTAINABILITY as part of who we are

  • We provide solutions to global musculoskeletal healthcare challenges by ensuring access to innovative and effective products.​
  • We take a proactive approach to sustainability by setting scienced based targets and engaging with suppliers and customers across our value chain.
  • We involve all employees and strive for integration of sustainability as a natural part of our business.​

Our focus in 2023

  • Further strengthen our ability to meet sustainability expectations from healthcare institutions, payers, investors and other stakeholders​
  • Prepare for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
  • Commit to the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) and set science based targets​, scope 1 and 2.


The group’s sustainability efforts are overseen by the Board of Directors, which holds ultimate responsibility for the company’s operations. The Board has established policies and guidelines related to environmental aspects as well as a Code of Conduct that applies to all employees and which involves anti-bribery, anti-corruption and human rights practices.

To ensure effective implementation of the Board’s decisions, the CEO is responsible for driving progress, with Kristina Ingvar, Executive Vice President Quality Management & Regulatory Affairs, leading the group’s sustainability work within the management team. Additionally, there is a dedicated sustainability working group established within the company to further support and advance our sustainability initiatives.


BONESUPPORT’s Code of Conduct defines our values and principles, providing business ethical guidance for leaders and employees.

All employees undergo yearly training in the code of conduct, ensuring they understand its contents. The code of conduct is reviewed on an ongoing basis and adopted annually by BONESUPPORT’s Board of Directors.

To promote transparency and accountability, a whistleblowing function is available to employees to report suspected violations of the code of conduct. To ensure independence and anonymity, BONESUPPORT has engaged an external party to handle all reporting and investigations related to the whistleblowing function.


BONESUPPORT also sets clear expectations to all business partners through the BONESUPPORT Business Partner Code of Conduct .


At BONESUPPORT we believe in the development of effective and inclusive teams by incorporating culture and diversity practices into our way of working. We believe in fair compensation practices, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our employees are compensated in a manner that reflects the value they bring to our organization. To achieve this, our compensation framework considers factors such as job responsibilities, market standards, and internal equity.

Our recruitment process prioritizes diversity in all aspects, including age, gender, ethnicity, culture, and personality, a successful recipe to promote an open, productive, and innovative work environment. We also place a strong emphasis on our employees’ competences and development, and evaluate each team member’s performance based on both financial and qualitative metrics. The latter criteria align with the company’s overarching strategic objectives, which are broken down into specific targets for each function and individual. We strive to promote transparency in our compensation model and have bonus policies as well as defined  practices of diversity and inclusion.

We are proud of the engagement and commitment of our employees which are reflected in the high scores we receive in leadership, engagement, culture, and eNPS in our quarterly pulse surveys.

BONESUPPORT works with medical technology, where good quality is a prerequisite for safe and efficient products. This includes fundamentals such as:

  • We comply with international standards for medical devices
  • We carry out inspections of contract manufacturers and other subcontractors on a regular basis
  • We are regularly inspected by accredited bodies and competent authorities
  • Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 13485 , EU MDR, UKCA and MDSAP

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is an increasing threat to global public health and collaboration is important to counteract this. BONESUPPORT is committed to the responsible use of antibiotics and supports antibiotic stewardship.

As part of research and development in the medical device industry, it is sometimes necessary to carry out experiments on animals, as this is requested by the responsible authorities. Strict ethical deliberations are made before animal testing is initiated or funded by BONESUPPORT.

Alternative methods, such as mathematical modelling or in vitro biological systems, are used if possible. If animal studies are deemed necessary, BONESUPPORT strives to involve as few animals as possible. The protocol is designed to be as gentle as possible for the animals and, in accordance with the legislation, the study protocol is always approved by an ethics committee. BONESUPPORT takes animal welfare very seriously.


BONESUPPORT works actively to reduce the group’s environmental impact. This applies to everything from small efforts in daily work, such as waste sorting, to long-term work with manufacturing and transport. The company’s work on the digitization of paper-based systems has continued, which also contributes to reduced paper consumption and storage volumes.

From an environmental perspective, the products in the CERAMENT platform have many advantages. The main component of the products is ceramic materials, which are produced in processes that do not cause harmful environmental impacts, such as pollution or hazardous waste. The ceramic material in powder form is mixed with a water-based liquid, which does not contain organic solvents. This means that the product is also safe for the healthcare professional who handles it. Our development laboratory in Lund is regularly checked by the environmental administration in Lund municipality with regards to the handling of chemicals and waste.

Our production is undertaken by contract manufacturers. Suppliers are carefully selected and monitored in alignment with our quality management system, and high demands are placed on their compliance with current regulations. Where possible, priority is given to suppliers who carry out active environmental work. BONESUPPORT’s main contract manufacturer is certified according to the international standard ISO 14001. All materials and components are carefully controlled by BONESUPPORT. Production takes place in cleanrooms, a strictly controlled environment without pollution.


Agenda 2030 consists of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aimed at eradicating poverty, halting climate change and creating peaceful and safe societies. BONESUPPORT has identified below SDGs as being the most essential to the business and where BONESUPPORT has the greatest opportunity to influence. The sustainability working group continues to work to set targets for future improvements within these SDGs.

Goals 2023

ESG dimension (UN’s global sustainable development goals) Category Goal2022 Result 2022 Goal 2023
Existing goals:
Social (3, 12) Product/patient safety Zero-vision product recalls No product recalls Zero-vision product recalls
Social (3) Employee turnover 6% +/- 2% On target
6% +/- 2%
Social (3,5,8) Puls survey Objectives Leadership, Culture and Teamwork OLCT score > 7.8 Well above target Objectives Leadership, Culture and Teamwork OLCT score > 7.8
Environmental (12) Environment > 5 A-suppliers certified according to ISO 14001 11 A-suppliers certified according to ISO 14001 > 5 A-suppliers certified according to ISO 14001
Governance (16) Code of conduct Zero-vision regarding the occurrence of corruption, bribery or fraud or related investigations No instance of corruption, bribery or fraud or related investigations Zero-vision regarding the occurrence of corruption, bribery or fraud or related investigations
Digitization > 1 additional document category digitized 3 NA 2023
New Goals
Environmental (12), Science Based Targets Commit to scope 1 & scope 2


2022 Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner Certification

BONESUPPORT is certified as a Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner. Nasdaq uses this certification to signal engagement in market transparency and in raising environmental standards. The Nasdaq ESG Matrix includes data points from Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance, and Future Sustainability Goals.



Topic BONESUPPORT Reference Procedure BONESUPPORT Reference Number Available Control mechanisms
Anti-bribery and anti-corruption Code of conduct, Global HR Handbook Policy-010 revision 5, Policy-009 revision 2 Webpage, internal Yearly documented retraining, KPI
Business Continuity Business Continuity Policy Policy-023 revision 2 Internal Yearly documented retraining
Business Ethics Code of conduct, Global HR Handbook Policy-010 revision 4, Policy-009 revision 2 Webpage, internal Yearly documented retraining, KPI
Environment Environmental Policy Policy-020 revision 2 Internal Supplier audits, KPI
Compensation Global HR handbook, Bonus Policy Policy-009 revision 2, Policy-019 revision 4 Internal Yearly documented retraining
Supplier management Business Partner Code of Conduct, Supplier Selection, Evaluation and Monitoring Policy-025 revision 1
SOP0601 revision 29
Webpage, Internal Extensive Supplier Audit Program
Social Media Covered in Global HR Handbook Policy-009 revision 2 Internal Yearly documented retraining
Diversity and inclusion Covered in Code of conduct Policy-010 revision 4 Webpage Yearly documented retraining, PULS survey
Employee competence and development Training of Personnel SOP0301 revision 7 Internal Internal audits, Performance and Potential assessments