Open Fracture

Open fractures are one of the most common causes of a patient developing a bone infection and include the risk of re-fracture and non-union.   

A recent clinical study supports the use of  CERAMENT® G in this indication. Henry et al. (2023) demonstrated very low rates of deep infection (3.7%) for open Gustilo-Anderson IIIB fractures(1) – a significant improvement over the standard of care (weighted mean infection rate of 14.5%)(2-6) 

CERAMENT G also compared favorably to standard of care in terms of limb salvage (96.3%)(1) and bone union (96%)(1) 

For these and other open fractures in the extremities of skeletally mature patients, CERAMENT G is FDA 510(k) cleared for use as part of the standard treatment approach, reducing the occurrence and recurrence of bone infection in order to promote and protect bone healing. FDA cleared, indicated use of CERAMENT G in open fractures is the first and only of its kind.  

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