Staged Surgical Procedure/ Limb Salvage

31st October 2023

A comparison of clinical and radiological outcomes between two different biodegradable local antibiotic carriers used in the single-stage surgical management of long bone osteomyelitis

12th July 2023
Pesch Pub. Summary Cover Image

Treatment of Fracture-Related Infection of the Lower Extremity CASE SERIES OF 35 PATIENTS

21st February 2023

White wound drainage advice brochure

22nd December 2022

CERAMENT G Mixing Tips Guide US

4th October 2022

CERAMENT G Mixing Instructions US

4th October 2022
Stravinskas et al.

Pharmacokinetics of gentamicin eluted from a regenerating bone graft substitute Copy

3rd October 2022

Antibiotic containing bone substitute in major hip surgery: a long term gentamicin elution study

3rd October 2022
Drampalos at al. Pub. Summary Cover Image

Single-Stage Treatment of Diabetic Calcaneal Osteomyelitis: The Silo Technique

21st July 2022
Ferguson et al. Pub. Summary Cover Image

Radiographic and Histological Analysis

21st July 2022