BONESUPPORT™ develops and markets CERAMENT®, an innovative range of radiopaque injectable osteoconductive and drug-eluting bioceramic products that have a proven ability to heal defects by remodeling to host bone in six to twelve months. Our products are effective in treating patients with fractures and bone voids caused by trauma, infection, disease or related surgery.

BONESUPPORT AB is funding a multi-centre randomised controlled trial comparing CERAMENT|BONE VOID FILLER to autologous bone in the treatment of tibial plateau fractures, for which enrolment is due to be finished in 2017.

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BONESUPPORT AB is participating in the Baltic Fracture Competence Center (BFCC) project. The BFCC will develop and implement a transnational fracture registry of six hospitals from Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden providing evidence about fracture treatment in the clinical “real world” and reveal clinical needs and potentials for innovation. The collaboration between hospitals across countries will foster the innovation of clinical procedures through the exchange of best practice in fracture management influenced by different national, organisational and regulatory conditions.