100% limb salvage rate in complex diabetic foot cases with CERAMENT® G/V – study from King’s College Hospital, London

Published: 2023-05-10

BONESUPPORT™, an emerging leader in orthobiologics for the management of bone injuries, today announces the recent publication of clinical data demonstrating 100% limb salvage rate and 100% ulcer resolution with the company’s antibiotic-eluting bone grafts CERAMENT G with Gentamicin and CERAMENT V with Vancomycin used in the management of complex diabetic foot osteomyelitis cases.

The study of 53 consecutive patients, with a mean follow-up of 30 months, was conducted at King's College Hospital, London. The patients with diabetes either had a deformed and infected foot caused by diabetic neuropathy called ‘Charcot foot’ or a foot ulcer infection reaching the bone ‘DFO’.

100% limb salvage was achieved in the Charcot foot group with all primary ulcers resolved. 90% of the patients could walk independently as a result. For the DFO group, 87% were infection-free, which is in line with previous reported outcomes for this patient group with CERAMENT. The results highlight the important role of CERAMENT G & CERAMENT V in achieving functional limb salvage.

“Having evaluated CERAMENT G and CERAMENT V at our practice, we witnessed a remarkable improvement in patient outcomes,” said Professor Venu Kavarthapu, lead author and consultant orthopedic surgeon at King’s College Hospital, “Limb reconstruction with CERAMENT can reduce limb loss in the diabetic foot.”

Developing a foot ulcer is a serious but common complication of diabetes. New global statistics from the ongoing ISDF Congress in The Hague show that every two seconds a foot ulcer occurs and every 19 seconds an amputation is taking place somewhere in the world.