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Treatment of Fracture-Related Infection of the Lower Extremity

21st februari 2023

M. Tiruveedhula, MD, FRCS (T&O) Diabetic Midfoot Osteomyelitis

17th maj 2022

Dr. Spranger Fracture Related Infection and Delayed Union in a Distal Tibia

17th maj 2022

Steinhagen – Management of infected double foot arthrodesis with CERAMENT G – 5 months follow up

29th oktober 2020

Treatment of extensive chronic femoral osteomyelitis using CERAMENT G: 12-month follow up

29th oktober 2020

Treatment of a low grade malignant tumor in a proximal tibia with autologous bone and CERAMENT G

29th oktober 2020

Open pilon tibial fracture & non-union

29th oktober 2020

Treatment of infected non-union of the proximal tibia using external fixation, allograft and CERAMENT ®|G

15th april 2020

Mr. Gardner CERAMENT G in a two-stage infected hip

29th mars 2020

Vikstrom – Treatment of osteomyelitis in a single-stage approach, using allograft and CERAMENT™|G in a layer-by-layer technique

23rd mars 2020