CERAMENT® Delivery Cannulas

Delivering New Possibilities

Introducing an expanded delivery device portfolio that offers more ways to deliver CERAMENT:

CERAMENT® Delivery Cannulas

Provide an adjunctive delivery option for surgeons desiring targeted delivery and controlled access
to subchondral defects, bone lesions and cysts.

  • Open Tip, End Port Delivery Cannula (15Ga x 60mm)
  • Closed Tip, Side Port Delivery Cannula (11Ga x 120mm)

About our Cannulas

  • Trocar-tipped cannulas for the delivery of CERAMENT
  • Interlocking cannula and stylus allow for use with an OR wire driver
  • Provides minimally-invasive access for dead space management

Bone Marrow Harvest Needle 

  • Double-diamond tip and side holes allow for efficient aspiration
  • Ergonomic twist-lock handle provides clinician comfort
  • Luer lock connector ensures a secure syringe attachment


To Order Accessory Products

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  Accessory Products   Code  
  Delivery Cannula – 11Ga x 120mm, closed tip, side port delivery  74389-01M
  Delivery Cannula – 15Ga x 60mm, open tip, end port delivery  74388-01M
  Bone Marrow Harvest Needle, 11Ga x 4 inches  A0534-01