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BONESUPPORT™ is a rapidly growing commercial stage orthobiologics company, based in Lund. The Company develops and commercializes innovative injectable bioceramic bone graft substitutes to treat bone voids, based on its novel, proprietary CERAMENT® technology platform.  


BONESUPPORT’s marketed products CERAMENT®|BONE VOID FILLER (BVF), CERAMENT®|G* and CERAMENT® V target a large addressable market opportunity across trauma, chronic osteomyelitis (bone infection), revision arthroplasty (replacement of a joint prosthesis) and infected diabetic foot.


BONESUPPORT’s CERAMENT products help surgeons address the risks of incorrect bone void healing and bone infection. If a bone void is filled with a CERAMENT product, remodeling into host bone occurs within six to twelve months. Prophylactic delivery of an antibiotic with CERAMENT G or
CERAMENT V reduces the risk of infection during the bone healing process potentially enabling the patient to avoid frequent and prolonged treatment and repeated surgery often needed to manage an established bone infection.


BONESUPPORT is well positioned to capitalize on the growing focus by payers on health economic value as CERAMENT with antibiotic has demonstrated improved clinical outcome, with the potential to reduce the patient’s length of stay in hospital.


BONESUPPORT’s products and innovative technology are backed by an intellectual property portfolio of approximately 100 registered and/or pending patents. BONESUPPORT has a nine year track record of safety and efficacy in treating patients with an estimated number of 30,000 procedures performed to date with its products worldwide based on sales data.


BONESUPPORT has a pipeline of four additional product candidates with significant commercial potential. The product candidates are all based on the CERAMENT platform and are currently in a pre-clinical development phase.


BONESUPPORT’s total sales increased from SEK 41 million in 2014 to SEK 105 million in 2016, representing a compound annual growth rate of 60 percent. 


*Not available in the United States, for investigational use only


Not available in the United States