Remuneration to the board of directors

Fees to board members elected by the general meeting are resolved by the annual general meeting. For the annual general meeting 2020, the nomination committee submitted proposals in regard to remuneration.

Remuneration to senior executives

According to the Swedish Companies Act, the general meeting shall determine the guidelines for remuneration to the CEO and other senior executives. At the annual general meeting held on 19 May 2020, guidelines were adopted with the following main content.

The Company’s starting point is to offer remuneration levels at market terms, aimed at facilitating the recruitment and retention of senior executives, and that the terms should be competitive considering the situation in the country in which the employee is employed. The remuneration to the senior executives can be comprised of fixed salary, variable cash, pension benefits and other benefits.

The fixed salary shall take into consideration the individual’s competence, area of responsibility and performance. The variable cash is to be based on the outcome of predetermined well defined objectives. The variable cash remuneration is to be limited and may not exceed 75 per cent of the fixed annual salary for the CEO and 40 per cent of the fixed annual salary for other senior executives, whereby the individual highest level should be based on factors such as the position held by the specific individual.

Pension benefits, including health insurance, shall be defined contribution, insofar as the senior executive is not covered by defined benefit pension under mandatory collective bargaining agreements. Premiums for defined contribution pensions, including health insurance, may amount to a maximun of 40 per cent of the fixed annual salary.

The senior executives may be awarded other customary benefits, such as a company car, occupational health services, etc.

Upon termination of an employment by the Company, the notice period may not exceed twelve months. Severance pay, in addition to fixed salary and other remuneration during the notice period, may not exceed an amount corresponding to the fixed annual cash salary for twelve months. Upon termination by the senior executive, the notice period may not exceed six months.

The board of directors may temporarily resolve to deviate from these guidelines, in whole or in part, if in a specific case there is a special cause for the deviation and a deviation is necessary to serve the Company's long-term interests.

Emil Billbäck has more than 20 years’ experience in commercial operations within the life science industry - 11 years of which gained in senior leadership positions under private equity ownership (Montagu and EQT). Most recently, he was Senior Advisor to the recently merged BSN medical/ SCA entity. Before the merger he was Executive Vice President EMEA and Head of Global Commercial Operations, at BSN medical. Prior to this Emil held several roles at BSN medical as Interim President North America, Group Director Commercial Operations, Group Director R&D and President APAC. Before joining BSN medical, Emil worked at Beiersdorf and AstraZeneca. While Swedish native, Emil has lived and worked 4 years in the US and more than 9 years in Germany. He holds a BSc in Business Administration from Karlstad University.


Håkan Johansson började på BONESUPPORT som Chief Financial Officer i november 2018. Han har mer än 20 års erfarenhet som CFO och andra seniora management roller från flera branscher inom offentliga och privata sektorn. Dessförinnan BONESUPPORT var Håkan Johansson CFO för Northern Europe på Thunstall Healthcare Group (2012–18), ett globalt företag inom trygghetsteknik och systemlösningar för vård och omsorg. Tidigare har han arbetat på leksakstillverkaren BRIO AB (publ) och Arctic Paper Group. Håkan Johansson har en examen som Civilekonom från Mittuniversitetet.


Kristina Ingvar has overall responsibility for global quality and regulatory compliance at BONESUPPORT. She joined as Executive Vice President Quality Management & Regulatory Affairs in February 2020, bringing more than 20 years of life science experience from areas across the value chain, in both large and small companies. Prior to joining BONESUPPORT, Kristina spent almost 13 years with Novo Nordisk, most recently in a role as Global Program Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs. She has held various other product-, project- and people management positions in the regulatory, quality, safety and medical areas. She holds a Bachelor of Medicine and a Diploma in Marketing Management, with additional studies in Public Health.


Dr Diefenbeck rekryterades till BONESUPPORT i april 2017. Under 2014 grundade han Scientific Consulting in Orthopaedic Surgery och har tidigare arbetat med BONESUPPORT i ett antal projekt som oberoende klinisk rådgivare. Han är för närvarande hederskonsult hos Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre vid Universitetssjukhuset i Oxford. Dr Diefenbeck studerade medicin i München och utbildade sig till ortopedikirurg med specialisering inom traumavård och beninfektioner. Han har 14 års klinisk erfarenhet från olika sjukhus i Tyskland (BG Unfallklinik Murnau, BG Kliniken Bergmannstrost Halle/Saale, Universitetssjukhuset Jena och Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek). Han doktorerade 2011 vid Universitetssjukhuset Jena och har sedan dess varit involverad i kirurgiundervisning och utbildningsprogram för studenter. Han är författare till 24 publicerade forskningsartiklar inom området.


Fergus MacLeod joined BONESUPPORT as General Manager & Executive Vice President responsible for Commercial Operations across EUROW in November 2019. Fergus has a proven track record in senior, international medical device leadership roles in a career spanning over 20 years. Most recently, Fergus has held General Management responsibility for the Global Medical Device assets at Johnson Matthey, a publicly traded British company and previously as Vice President & Managing Director with responsibility for Commercial Operations across EMEA for RTI Surgical, an international Medical Device and Orthobiologics company and over eight years at Stryker in roles of increasing responsibility. Fergus over his career has acquired extensive experience in building and leading high performing teams and commercializing medical technologies. Fergus has recently completed an Executive Leadership program at the Center for Creative Leadership and holds a HND in Business & Finance from the University of Bedfordshire.


Michael Roth joined BONESUPPORT as the General Manager and Executive Vice President Commercial Operations for North America in June 2020. Michael has over 25 years of direct and distributor-based sales, marketing and sales leadership experience within the orthopaedic market sector for both large and small companies. Most recently, he was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Surgical Planning Associates (HipXpert) where he led the strategic initiative to refine the marketing strategy, increase commercial brand visibility and grow sales. He also held Vice President of Sales positions in the east region with both Wright Medical and Microport Orthopaedics where he had a sustained track record of building strong sales networks, developing dynamic management teams and cultivating a high-performance sales culture in the competitive large joint, foot and ankle and orthobiologic market segments. Mr. Roth holds a bachelor degree in International Development from Clark University.


Helena L Brandt is a senior HR leader with more than 20 years’ experience gained from a broad range of industries. Ms Brandt has held global HR leadership roles at Astra Zeneca, Sony and Tetra Pak, developing organizational leadership and teams. She holds an International Business & Economics Master’s Degree from Lund University, Sweden, and also studied at the University of Cologne in Germany and at the universities of Cincinnati and Delaware in the U.S.


Annelie Aava Vikner började på BONESUPPORT som Executive Vice President (EVP) Marketing & Communications i mars 2019. Hon har mer än 20 års erfarenhet inom medicinteknik och läkemedel. Innan hon började på BONESUPPORT var hon verksam i flertalet ledande regionala marknadsföringstjänster, inom Medtronic, ett av världens ledande medicintekniska företag (2002-2019). Hennes senaste roll innan BONESUPPORT var som Senior Strategy & Marketing Manager, RTG, ABGI&NORDICS (Restorative Therapy Group, Österrike, Schweiz, Benelux, Grekland, Israel och Norden). Aava Vikner har en kandidatexamen i kemi från Linköpings universitet samt en vidareutbildning inom ledarskap från Glasgow Caledonian University.


Johan Olsson ansvarar för leveranskedjan och har en civilingenjörsexamen i maskinteknik (1991) från Lunds universitet. Han kom till BONESUPPORT 2007 som produktions- och logistikchef och dessförinnan arbetade han hos Gambro som chef för intensivvårdslinjen (2000–2007), där han bland annat ansvarade för överflyttningen av Gambros produktion från Italien till Sverige. Dessförinnan hade Johan flera olika ledande befattningar inom logistik, inköp och tillverkning hos olika konsumentproduktföretag.