Remuneration to the board of directors

Fees to board members elected by the general meeting are resolved by the annual general meeting. For the annual general meeting 2018, the nomination committee will submit proposals in regard to remuneration.

Remuneration to senior management

According to the Swedish Companies Act, the general meeting shall determine the guidelines for remuneration to the CEO and other senior executives. At the annual general meeting held on 12 April 2017, guidelines were adopted with the following main content.

The Company’s starting point is to offer remuneration levels at market terms, aimed at facilitating the recruitment and retention of senior executives, and that the terms should be competitive considering the situation in the country in which the employee is employed. The remuneration to the senior executives can be comprised of fixed salary, variable remuneration, pension benefits, share-based incentive programs resolved by the shareholders’ meeting and other benefits.

The fixed salary shall take into consideration the individual’s competence, area of responsibility and performance. The variable remuneration is to be based on the outcome of predetermined well defined objectives. The variable consideration is to be limited and may not exceed 75 per cent of the fixed annual salary for the CEO and 40 per cent of the fixed annual salary for other senior executives, whereby the individual highest level should be based on factors such as the position held by the specific individual.

In addition to what follows from law or collective bargain agreements or other agreements, the CEO and other senior executives may be entitled to arrange individual pension schemes. Refrained salaries and variable remuneration can be used for increased pension contributions, provided that the total cost for the Company is unchanged over time.

Share-based incentive programs shall, where applicable, be resolved by the shareholders’ meeting. The senior executives may be awarded other customary benefits, such as a company car, occupational health services, etc.

In case of termination of the CEO’s employment by the Company, the notice period should not exceed 6 months. In case the Company terminates the CEO without cause the CEO shall, in addition to salary during the notice period, be entitled to severance payment corresponding to 12 months’ base salary as well as an amount corresponding to the yearly average paid out performance bonus over the last three years (or for such shorter period as the employment agreement has been in force). The notice period for other senior executives shall not exceed 12 months. In case of termination from the Company, in addition to salary during the notice period, severance payment corresponding to an amount equal to up to 12 months base salary may be paid.

The board of directors shall be entitled to deviate from these guidelines in individual cases if there are special reasons for doing so.